Small Groups / Centers (Period 9:40 - 10:40 )

Course Description

Small Group time is where we will work on skills that are specific to each individual child/ groups needs. This will include phonics activities, leveled / decodable readers, discussion, writing, sight word, and reading strategies. There will be at least 3 groups met everyday to make sure they are gaining skills and growth. 
While the teacher is working with a small group the students will be doing center time. There are several centers around our classroom. We have: 
Read to Self: where students have their book bins with selected books that they can go anywhere around the room and read on their own quietly. 
Word Work: where students will be working on our words for the week from our reading, vocabulary words, sight words, spelling words. They will be practicing writing them, building them, making them, and having fun with them so they can remember their words in a fun way. 
Writing Center: this is where students are able to work on different types of writing like letters, poems, checklist, list, postcards, cards, and story's. 
Listening Center: Where they can listen to different types of stories while following along in the book and then filling out a recording sheet dealing with some type of reading skill. 
Journal Work: where students will work in their reading journals to complete their reading activity for the day. 
Poem Station: where students will work with looking at dissecting poems to find the meaning.